🎉 We're hosting a creature party at opensea.io/pantless-dao-vault, and we need your help to expand the guest list! The bigger our treasury, the more creatures and their friends we can invite and the more bangin' the party! 🎊

The purpose of Pantless DAO is to...

💎 offer fractionalized ownership of our NFT collection through membership in the DAO

💎 curate high-quality alpha to inform the DAO's and your own purchasing decisions

💎 strengthen the NFT space through philanthropy and outreach

💎 destroy pants

We're a roots DAO (see Vibes). No convoluted ownership schemes; no burning your ownership rights for useless "utility"; no restrictions on your voting power. Membership is straightforward. You get...

👌 ownership

👌 control

👌 alpha

👌 WAGMI vibes

We're currently seeding the treasury, but we're ending the seed phase soon in anticipation of launching our token. Get in touch with with us on Discord for more info

🔥 Vibes (What We're About)

💎 Treasury / Membership

🏺 History

👑 Vault


🚨 Scams

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